Wondering Why Your Facebook Ads Aren't Working, Are Losing Money or Why They Keep Getting Rejected?

Hey it's happened to the best of us...

We get it - it's so frustrating to take the time to get everything setup, only to get rejected without a real explanation of what you need to do to fix the ad.

You could spend your time going line by line through the terms of service. While we do recommend you know the rules, it can be very frustrating and time-consuming, especially when you're trying to make sales.

There is a faster and easier way. 
Let us review your ads for you.

For $100, we'll do a complete 92-point audit on your ad, your landing/offer page and your thank you page and give you the recommendations to get you back on track. We'll review every detail, every nook and cranny of each step.

If you're concerned about spending $100 to have a professional ad agency review your ads for you, people who have gotten positive returns on over $13 Million in cumulative ad spend, I invite you to consider this...

It's costing you WAY more to...

1) run ads that aren't working as well as they should, and
2) to keep getting rejected and not know why.

Having us review your ads could be exactly what you need to finally stop losing money with paid advertising. Often a few little tweaks make all the difference between a losing (or rejected) ad and a real winner.

So let's get started. 

Don't put this off any longer.

Here's how it works...

STEP 1: After your payment, you will provide us your contact information including: URL to the ad, the landing/offer page and the thank you page

STEP 2: We will contact you within 1 business day or less if needed to verify your information, or to ask questions (if we have any)

STEP 3: We will provide you with professional feedback on the ad, your landing/offer page and the thank you page within 2 business days AFTER we receive and confirm you have provided all the requested information

Here's what we'll be looking for in your 92-Point Audit...

We will start with the basics:
​- Conversion
​- Cost per conversion
​- Unique link clicks
​- Cost per unique click
​- Unique CTR
​- Website purchases
​- Cost per website purchase
​- Website purchase conversion value
​- Relevance score
​- Page engagement
​- Ad feedback

​Primary objective:
- Lead generation
- Webinar Registration
- Sale
- Strategy Session
- Direct to sale
- eCommerce

​Target goals:
- Cost per lead (CPL)
- Cost per registration (CPR)
- Cost per sale/acquisition (CPA)
- ROAS (if applicable)

​Campaign objective:
- Are you turning campaigns on and off?
- Are you changing objectives?
- Are you running too many campaigns?
- Are you running ads to the same funnel inside different campaigns?
- Are you using campaign level budget?
- Are you running automatic vs. manual bids in the same campaigns?
Adset structure:
- What conversion event is being used?
- Could you be testing one step before the funnel?
- What is your budget strategy?
- Are you spending enough to feed the learning machine 10 conversions/day/adset?
- Are you running continuous or start/stop dates?
- Are you running daily vs lifetime budget?
- PLUS 30 more adset factors most people overlook
On-page elements:
- Is the page branded with a logo and/or business name?
- Does the page include the compliance elements (TOS, privacy, disclaimer, etc)?
- Is the pixel present?
- Is it the right pixel?
- Are the events firing?
- Are you using custom conversions?
- Are you using standard events?
- Do you have multiple events throughout the funnel?
- and more...
Creative/Funnel Messaging:
- Is it obvious who the ideal audience/customer is?
- Is it obvious the pain/problem their audience is facing?
- Is it obvious how they solve that pain/problem?
- Is it obvious the benefit you're promising?
- Is there any risk reversal/guarantee?
- Is the landing page congruent with the ad?
- and so much more...

Take the first step now...

You're only ONE great ad away from winning.

Setup your account and let's get started!

Who is Behind 100 Dollar Ad Review?

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Lee Collins is the Founder of PREVA1L, a strategic marketing systems & training agency. He has been online since 1999, is a trusted advisor to elite entrepreneurs, companies and politicians and has helped people all around the world grow their businesses faster with paid advertising and automated Repeat Profit Systems.
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